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THRIVE: Clubs & Activities Guide - Principal's Message

Dear Parents / Carers and Students,

Australian Christian College is genuinely committed to providing a rich educational experience for all students presented from an authentically  Christian perspective within a traditional liberal arts framework made relevant to our contemporary context.

This simply means that we try to help each of the children grow in all the dimensions of their humanity and to develop their individual identity and their unique gifting in God.  To do this we provide a variety of experiences across the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual domains and ensure varied opportunities for children to explore  them. 

While all our teachers work hard to teach each course with this understanding, we recognise that if we as a College are to work towards that goal we must also provide a range of activities and experiences that extend the curriculum beyond the timetable.

This is the purpose of our THRIVE in Community program.

This booklet describes and provides the details of a comprehensive program of clubs and activities designed to allow every student to explore new experiences and interests and to connect with staff and other students in a different aspect of community.

As a community of Christian educators the staff of Australian Christian College are committed to sharing life with our students and to helping them become all that God intends them to be - in whatever sphere of endeavour, activity, or interest that is. We invite you to take the opportunity this program provides for you to THRIVE in community.

Brendan Corr



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