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THRIVE: Clubs & Activities Guide - Friendship Spot

The Friendship Spot is a program in the Primary School which will be available on Wednesday lunchtimes. Students can go to the F5 classroom and spend time in the room if they do not wish to play outside. The aim of this group is to foster friendships with like-minded students who feel more comfortable with indoor, more relaxed play, such as board games and puzzles. (No devices will be allowed during this time, as per our school policy).

Teacher Contact: 

Who is this activity for?

Students in years Kindy to 6 - Limit of 30 students per day.

Where is it held?


When is this activity happening?

Wednesday lunch

What will students learn to do?

  • Enjoy friendships in a smaller space 

  • Use the available Lego, board games, drawing activities  and cards

  • Befriend students of similar disposition

How do I register?

No registration necessary. 

Is there a cost?:

There is no cost for this activity.


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