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THRIVE: Clubs & Activities Guide - FAQs

Must I register my child? Not necessarily. Registration requirements are listed on the bottom of each activity description in this document.

What does my child do after they have registered? Check the information on the page for the club. This will tell you when and where the club is run. You will just need to go on the day.

What if my child can’t attend every week? If your child cannot attend an activity for which they have registered or are signed up to attend, please email the relevant coordinator.

What time do the afternoon sessions end? The afternoon sessions usually end at 4:15pm

Is there an afternoon bus? There is an afternoon bus that leaves school at 4:30pm and drives to Riverstone station. This bus will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please register your child for the bus on the club registration form.

What if my child doesn’t want to be a member of the club any more? If your child wishes to stop attending a club, please email the club organiser to be removed from the list.

What if the club is cancelled? There may be an unavoidable reason for a club being cancelled on one week. If this occurs, an email will be sent to the email listed within the registration, if it is an activity occurring after school.

How much does it cost? The clubs and activities are free except for Ceramics club where you are asked to supply your own clay. Please see the club entry for details.

Some clubs are offered to DE students. How will the activities for DE students take place online?

The activities will run through various online platforms depending on the activity. Please contact the teacher in charge of the club for more information.


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