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THRIVE: Clubs & Activities Guide - Ceramics Club

Students will get to explore all things clay and create their own artworks. They will have the opportunity to use the pottery wheels and fire works in the kiln to take home. 

Teacher Contact: 

Who is this activity for?

Year 9 - 12 

Where is it held?


When is this activity happening?

Wednesday 3:15 - 5PM 

What will students learn to do?

  • Create using Clay

  • Use a ceramics wheel

How do I register?

Registration form completed online.  Registration Link

Is there a cost?

Students are to buy their own clay throughout the term and store it in the art room in a clear airtight storage container provided. Students are required to purchase their clay from Northcote Pottery Supplies and it must be a stoneware clay with wheel throwing capacities. This allows students to make unlimited vessels and artworks during this time. Students will have access to all the glazes at school however can purchase their own if they would like a specific colour or result. 

Extra Information:

  • Limit to 10 students 

  • Covers glazing and firing ceramics


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