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THRIVE: Clubs & Activities Guide - AV Club

AV or Audio/Visual club, is where students will experience and learn about how to set up and operate Audio and Visual equipment for a range of different purposes including chapel, church, bands, dramatic performances and assemblies. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in set up and pack up for school events and assist in the operation of sound and vision equipment. 

Teacher Contact: 

Who is this activity for?

Highschool Students interested in sound, lighting and video equipment who might be interested in serving on teams at school or at church.

When is this activity happening?

Monday Week B Lunchtime

Where is it held?

See Mr Gill for location

What will students learn to do?

Students will learn to:

  • Students will learn to set up and operate the sound desk 

  • Operate video including cameras and projectors

  • Set up audio and visual equipment for a range of events 

How do I register?

Registration form completed online.  Registration Link 

Is there a cost?

No cost for this activity

Extra Information: 

Students do not need any experience in AV to join

Students should bring lunch 


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