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Stage 6 OnStage Excursion

On Tuesday 11th February, Year 12 Drama students travelled to the Seymour Centre to see OnStage: a showcase of the best HSC works from 2019. The students were a testament to our ACC community and values in their theatre etiquette, behavioural conduct on public transport and their passion for drama and the theatre. Seeing the OnStage performances was an invaluable experience for them as they were able to witness the highest standards of the HSC Drama major works in action. The quality of both projects and performances gave Year 12 something to aspire to and be challenged by; and they have already sparked some excellent reflection and critical thinking about what their performances could look like when they get to creating them in Term 2. I am very excited to see the process of development this cohort will go through as they devise their own individual and group performances this year.

Quotes from the students:

  • “The day was inspiring and spectacular! It made me want to work harder towards the HSC!” - Charlotte McKee-Wright

  • “Every performance had a story to tell.” - Thomas Markham-Moeller


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