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Secondary School Update - 22 March 2024

Read more to hear about what has been happening across Secondary School over the past few weeks.


Mr Jonathan Brayshaw

We are thrilled to share with you the enriching experiences our students have had to further develop and grow in their learning. Our senior students in Year 11 and 12 embarked on various excursions tailored specifically for their courses. Some highlights included White Card Training for VET Entertainment, Year 12 Advanced English visiting the Riverside Theatre for the Production of Wit, and Stage 6 Food Technology exploring the Sydney Fish Markets & Sydney Tower restaurants. Back on campus, some of our very talented mathematicians across Secondary School participated in the International Pi Day challenge! 

It was a pleasure to visit Year 7 Camp at Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, Narrabeen. Throughout the camp, our Year 7 students exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and tenacity in various activities, including raft building and paddleboarding. The cohort also engaged in teacher-led devotions, and through these experiences, were able to make new and develop existing friendships. Their teamwork, positive attitude and exceptional behaviour were truly commendable and made the camp a memorable experience for all involved. 

I would also like to thank all of our Year 7 Homeroom Teachers (Mrs Elizabeth Oloaga, Mrs Olivia Gonzales, Mr Murray Garth, Mr Brad Gill, Mr Luke Turner-Mann and Mr Eamon Marlow). Their unwavering dedication and commitment played a significant role in ensuring a successful camp experience. I would also like to acknowledge Miss Shelby Mayo (Year 7 Advisor) for her conscientious organisation of this camp, and Mr Ralph Hearsey (Stage 4 Coordinator) for his exemplary supervision of this event. Thank you for entrusting us with the education and wellbeing of your children. 


Shelby Mayo

This week, Year 7 embarked on their eagerly anticipated Outdoor Adventure Camp at Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation Centre, Narrabeen. For some, this was their very first camp, marking a significant and exciting milestone in their school journey. The students embraced every opportunity they were given and thrived as they put their teamwork and critical thinking skills to work!

From making their own functioning rafts, to mastering the art of damper making, solving challenges, and strategically working together in archery tag, students displayed a strong sense of community and spirit of adventure. Activity favourites amongst the groups included kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and bushwalking. Some students even participated in a sunrise walk. In between their outdoor activities, their enthusiasm remained evident in their participation in cohort games, competitions and devotions. It was a joy to see friendships strengthened and new bonds made throughout their time together.

Year 7 are commended for the outstanding respect and the manners they showed towards staff and peers during camp. Their exemplary display of the College values of courage, humility, respect, initiative, self-control and trust in their interactions and attitudes did not go unnoticed by College and campsite staff. Overall, Year 7 camp was a rich and rewarding time, filled with new experiences, personal challenges and growth.

I would like to thank our wonderful College staff and the team at Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation for the time and care that went into ensuring camp was a safe, engaging and treasured experience for students. To our incredible Homeroom teachers, Mrs Gonzales, Mrs Oloaga, Mr Garth, Mr Marlow, Mr Turner-Mann and Mr Gill, as well as Mr Hearsey and Mr T for their involvement throughout the duration of the camp, and all staff members who visited to encourage this special cohort: Mr Adams, Mr Brayshaw, Mrs Collins, Mr Jacobi and Mrs Tranter, thank you for the important role you played.


Sarah Aydin

We are excited to share the success of our recent Stage 6 Food Technology Excursion held on Tuesday, 12th March 2024. Our Year 11 and 12 students embarked on a captivating journey, exploring the Sydney Fish Markets and the Sydney Tower restaurants. 

The day began with an immersive tour of the Fish Markets, where students had the unique opportunity to witness the bustling auction floor, observe buyers bidding, and learn about the Dutch auction system. Additionally, they explored the back of the house, witnessing firsthand the preparation, packing, and icing of fish. 

Following this insightful experience, our students ventured to the Sydney Tower Restaurants, where they explored various culinary sections and enjoyed a delightful lunch at the revolving restaurant. The Head Chef of Sydney SkyFeast gave students practical demonstrations of the theoretical concepts being covered in class. This excursion provided invaluable insights into food technology and received positive feedback from both students and staff. We extend our gratitude to all involved in organising and facilitating this enriching experience.


Melanie Kewley

ACC students have been actively engaged in Sport this term, participating in training sessions, competitive matches and gala days across a wide range of sporting events. Here's a recap of some notable events from the last few weeks:

  • The Under 15s Cricket Team concluded their 2023/2024 season in early March, securing a resounding victory in their friendly match against Penrith Anglican College.

  • Last week, the Under 14s Boys Futsal Team showcased their skills at the NSW Schools Futsal Gala Day in Dural, facing formidable opponents and exhibiting remarkable sportsmanship, determination and resilience.

  • The ACC Met-West Volleyball teams are gearing up for the conclusion of their season next week, with both the Open and Under 15s Girls teams successfully making it to the finals. Congratulations to the Under 15s Boys team who participated in a close semi-final, missing out on the win by only three points in the third set. 

  • At the CSSA Met-West Zone Secondary Swimming Carnival, our students exemplified outstanding school spirit by cheering each other on. Notably, our Junior Girls Relay Team emerged as the fastest team of the whole day, and an impressive 17 athletes have advanced to the CSSA State Swimming Carnival. The state-level competition is scheduled to take place at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatics Centre on the 26th of March.

Thank you to all the staff and students who participate in, assist at and represent ACC in sport each week. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming events.

 *Volleyball Photos are courtesy of ACC Student Photographer Nirdosh Aggarwal - Year 9.


Brad Gill

On the 5th of March, five students from our VET Entertainment class attended a White Card Training Day at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney. 

Our VET Entertainment program is new to the College and aims to teach students the ins and outs of working in the entertainment industry. Throughout the course, students will learn to operate theatrical lighting, sound systems and video equipment. The VET Entertainment course provides students with a statement of attainment which will go towards a certificate III in Live Production and Technical Services which is a pathway into a variety of positions in the entertainment industry. 

As part of this course, students also obtain their White Card. While the White Card is usually associated with the construction industry, it also allows those working in areas like theatre to construct and deconstruct stage sets. 

Attending NIDA allowed students to hear from experts in the entertainment industry and to have the course delivered in a way that was tailored specifically for students studying this industry. During training students learned about incident reporting requirements, reading and understanding signage around work areas and the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment. Each student received their White Card which they will be able to use in a range of industries upon leaving school. 

VET Entertainment students are now moving on to their unit on operating sound devices, where they will learn how professional audio systems are put together and how they work. Students will have opportunities to put these skills to the test in the many upcoming music events hosted by the College.

VET Entertainment students also look forward to attending our next excursion where they will operate sound and lighting for a live band at Metro Theatre in Sydney at ‘Behind the Gig’, an event run specifically for VET Entertainment students to see what working in a real theatre is like. They will have the opportunity to use industry-standard equipment and develop their teamwork skills to pull off a live show. 


Esther Ganta

Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi), which represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Observed on March 14th (3/14), Pi Day is often marked by various activities, events, and educational initiatives worldwide. Here is a summary of typical events and activities associated with Pi Day at ACC:

  • Pi Memorisation Contest: Participants tested their memory skills by attempting to recite π to as many decimal places as possible. In collaboration with our Technology department the winner’s trophy was designed by Mr. Garth. Year 7 students accounted for more than half of all participants in the Pi recitation challenge.

  • Eat A Pie for Pi day : Students enjoyed a variety of pies decorated with Pi’s (π) while they listened to competitors recite as many digits of Pi as they could remember.

  • Fun facts about Pi: Mr. Yi shared some interesting facts about Pi and its use in the Bible and throughout history. For example, 1 Kings 7:23 described the altar inside the temple of Solomon, stating, “He made the Sea of cast metal, circular in shape, measuring ten cubits from rim to rim and five cubits high. It took a line of thirty cubits to measure around it.” (Approx. calculation: 30/10 or 3).

It also so happens that Pi Day occurs on Albert Einstein’s birthday! Mrs. Ganta had students in an uproar when she served up a fine selection of pi-related jokes and puns. The laughter lasted almost as long as Pi itself!

The Pi contest winner will be announced in the next Assembly.


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