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Secondary School Update - 12 April 2024

HEAD OF SCHOOL UPDATE: TERM 1 - WEEK 11 Mr Jonathan Brayshaw

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I reflect on the progress and achievements of our students in the final few weeks of Term 1. The first term of the academic year is always a pivotal period for our school community. It sets the tone for the year and lays the foundation for personal growth and academic success. The final few weeks of term have been filled with an abundance of opportunities for students to flourish spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

Our senior students in Years 10-12 embarked on an immersive journey through an art exhibition called Stations. It was a delight to see students pause at the twelve stations and reflect on the Easter story. It was a joy to hear of the profound impact this experience had on a number of students in our senior cohorts.

College-wide events such as Open Day provided invaluable opportunities for our students to serve the community. From welcoming guests and assisting tour groups, to showcasing musical performances, our students demonstrated exceptional dedication and enthusiasm. It was also pleasing to see students invite prospective parents and students into classrooms and share their passion for learning across a variety of courses. 

Students have also been involved in enriching wellbeing workshops. Our Year 7 and 8 students benefited from a thoughtful presentation led by Matt Purcell, equipping them with practical tools to navigate social challenges. Similarly, Year 11 engaged in an Elevate Education seminar which focused on fostering self belief, goal setting and embracing a growth mindset.  

This term, a number of teams representing the College competed in the CSSA Met-West Zone Volleyball Competition. I am thankful for the way in which all of our students represented the College with respect, humility and courage. 

I would like to thank parents and carers for supporting us as we seek to work in partnership in helping each child grow and develop. Our team looks forward to welcoming students back on campus on Monday 29 April, wearing their formal winter uniform. On Wednesday 1 May, Secondary students will attend the Cross Country Carnival. Detailed information for Term Two will be communicated to parents and carers during the school holidays. We pray that the school break is an opportunity for students to find rest, recharge and rejuvenate. 


From the 26-28 March, Australian Christian College had the privilege of hosting 23 students from Nagasaki High School, Japan. It was a time of wonderful intercultural exchange where both the Japanese and Australian students were able to embrace each other’s cultures, make unforgettable memories and form lifelong friendships. 

Our Year 8 students warmly welcomed our Japanese friends by enthusiastically using the self-introduction phrases they have been studying this term. Year 9 elective Japanese students faithfully served our visitors, caring for them as buddies and introducing Australian school life by inviting them into their classrooms and break times. It was beautiful to witness two different culture groups overcome language barriers to celebrate diversity, embrace new experiences and form special ties, which we will dearly treasure. 

We look forward to welcoming you again, Nagasaki High School! 


On Wednesday 3 April, our Year 7 and 8 students attended a wellbeing seminar titled ‘Social Kung Fu’, a recently developed verbal self defense program that equips students with practical techniques to overcome rumours and gossip. Students sharing stories with one another is an inevitable aspect of school life and therefore it is essential for students to recognise and stop gossip wherever possible. In Matt Purcell’s workshop, Year 7 and 8 students learnt that the person ‘who asks the questions, holds the power’. When presented with some entertaining stories from their friends or dealing with a confronting comment by a peer, they can diffuse their own anxious feelings with 3 simple questions: 

1. What do you mean by that?

2. Where is your proof?

3. How do you know this is true?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC News) also attended the event for an upcoming program on their platform that will investigate the ways bullying is addressed in schools. Australian Christian College Marsden Park has partnered with the University of Sydney to evaluate the effectiveness of the 'Social Kung Fu’ program amongst our Year 7 cohort. We are committed to equipping our students with peer-reviewed and evidenced-based programs.


Our Year 11 VET Entertainment Industry students recently had the opportunity to attend an exciting entertainment industry event. Behind the Gig is an event hosted by Earworm Productions at the Metro Theatre, a live music venue in Sydney’s CBD. This event allows students to operate sound and lighting equipment for a live band in one of Sydney’s most popular music venues. Students were able to learn what it takes to put on a show as they worked with  ‘Deep Focus’, an Australian rock duo from North Sydney. Students learned  how to correctly set up instrument microphones for drum kits, guitar amplifiers and vocalists before mixing the band alongside industry professional, Dan Lia who has worked with bands such as Short stack, Wolfmother, Hoodoo Gurus and more. 

As part of Behind the Gig, students were also able to meet with brand representatives from companies like ULA, who develop lighting fixtures and control panels. This allowed students to program and display a simulation of the lighting rig used in Metro Theatre to create a digital light show. Students also learnt about new technologies being adopted by the entertainment industry such as wireless LED Lighting. 

Representatives from TAFE NSW joined students to discuss pathways for further training in the entertainment industry such as a Certificate IV, Diplomas and specialised study within the entertainment industry for students who are curious about moving into sound, lighting or even music after the conclusion of their HSC. 

For the final part of the day, students were treated to a short set by Deep Focus and had the opportunity to work alongside industry experts as they mixed audio and operated lighting during the performance. Behind the Gig also allowed students to move backstage during the performance to experience the way sound can change in different parts of the venue and what working backstage during a show is like. Entertainment Industry students can look forward to putting these new skills to the test as they continue to learn about live audio and lighting and how they might be used in school productions and also in the entertainment industry as they start looking at options for work experience.



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