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Primary School Update - 3 May 2024


Melanie Woods

New Families and Welcome to the Term

Beginnings can be daunting yet exciting. We have been thrilled to welcome our new families to our community. These students have settled in very well and have enjoyed having a buddy or two to greet them every morning and make sure playground time is fun. We do welcome you and are so pleased you have been gathered to enjoy our ACC family. Welcome, and please feel free to come to our Primary Student Hub if you have any questions or thoughts.

Term 2 Grade Letters

Just a reminder to be looking out for your Class Grade letter. This is filled with detailed information about what your grade will be doing throughout the term. It also mentions all the important dates to know about. These will be emailed to you on Friday. Please have a good read and diarise important dates. Don’t forget we want to hear from you, so please email your class teacher or Primary Student Hub.

Primary Cross Country

Getting outside and exercising with our students was the best! The day was magnificent and it was wonderful that the children could share in this experience. We were so blessed to be able to host this event on our school grounds. The K-2’s getting used to such an exercise on our new oval and then the Year 3-6’s being able to use our own land, with bush and dirt, is all that one needs for a Cross Country race. I think the smiles showcased the day! Thank you for your support. It was a great way to start the term with a community event for both students and families.

Primary ANZAC Service

On our very first day back, our community came together to commemorate ANZAC Day. This allowed for rich discussion to be had by the teachers and the students as the students began to understand the depth of this event for our nation and the world. I had numerous teachers mention that the students had many thoughts and questions to ask - this is good! The students were exemplary as they presented themselves throughout such a special occasion. We were blessed to have one of our school mums, Flight Lieutenant Lisa Davidson, be our guest speaker, and share from her experience. She explained what we needed to know, what to be thankful for and what we can contemplate upon. It was a memorable event and we were pleased to have the opportunity to do this as a community.

‘WHAT DID JESUS DO FOR ME AND YOU?' - Michael in Year 1

The picture in this article, presented to me when we arrived on our first day back to school this term, is from one of our Year  1 students, Michael. He was so proud of his artwork, which depicts Jesus on the cross with the two criminals either side of him. Michael also mentioned that the other people in the picture are a Pharisee who mocked Jesus, and one of the disciples that followed Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Helping children understand their sin and need for a Saviour paves the way for them to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and to put their faith in Him. We can live eternally with Him when we accept Jesus as the Son of God, who died on a Cross for our wrong doing. We are thrilled that our students are learning about the saving grace and message of love, of what Jesus has done for you and me. 


George Aydin

The students have all been very excited to return to the classroom and it has been an eventful start to the term. We were blessed to have no rain and were able to hold our school Cross Country on school grounds. Our class pushed themselves through challenges of competing against each other and finishing the race. They were all so proud of their efforts in being able to complete the whole course and were excited to share their achievements with their friends and teachers. 

This week, we delved into crafting captivating beginnings, or what we call "sizzling starts," to grab readers' attention from the outset. Students embraced the challenge of crafting a sizzling start in just five minutes, emphasising the essential features.  

One example from Nehan reads:“It was pitch black nothing to be seen. The misty fog covered the floor as if it were a horror movie. Suddenly “whoosh!” The wind's pace increased. Then the lights flickered from the little light that was put in the room, I saw……”

Students have shown courage to openly share their work to the whole class and their peers to improve and encourage each other by providing feedback by way of ‘two stars and a wish’ method.


Our mums are to be celebrated! So many tasks are completed by our mothers and mother figures that fall under the role of supporting those they love. We want to take the time to acknowledge all the hard work, care and love that the women in our community do each and every day to bless us. Our mummies are amazing! Please come and enjoy a celebration at ACC next Friday 10 May from 8.00 am - 9.00 am on campus. Make sure you RSVP for this event


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