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Primary School Update - 28 June 2024

Updated: Jun 29


Melanie Woods

Borrowing Books at the Library The Library has been all aflutter as the borrowing of books has become a highlight for our students. There is nothing more exciting than reading a book and knowing you can get another new book filled with adventure the following week. Research funded by The Arts Council found that library use is positively associated with wellbeing, higher life satisfaction, happiness and sense of purpose in life. Our desire is for our students to have a love of reading and we certainly enjoy our new Library!

Students are being reminded that in order to borrow, they must have their ACC School Library Bag. We have noted that there has been a fault in the logo and inscription on the bags and have informed the company. Continue to use our ACC bags and we will keep you posted

Family Showcases  Over the last two weeks, Primary School has hosted two Family Showcases, where our students and staff were excited to welcome parents and caregivers into their classrooms.

Showcase time is an opportunity for families to come and enjoy what happens in the classroom. The students have produced amazing work and enjoyed the opportunity to showcase and share this. The teachers demonstrated Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), one of our ACC Signature Pedagogies, and parents witnessed how this supports our students’ learning in and out of the classroom. 

Parent Teacher Interviews Kindy - Year 6 On Friday, 26 July, we are holding Years K-6 Parent Teacher Interviews. We are trialling this day time model on the final day of the July School Holidays to provide more availability to meet with your child's teachers. To arrange a booking with your child's teachers, a link will be sent to parents and carers before the end of the term. The Cafe at school will be open all day for our parents and carers to purchase a refreshment.

Assemblies, Chapels and Dan Warlow A reminder that our Assemblies and Chapels occur on Mondays during term time. We encourage our parents and families to attend and join in the celebrations with us. In the first week of Term 3, Primary will have their Assembly on Wednesday 31 July, and we will be hosting the amazing entertainer and gospel singer, Dan Warlow. We had the opportunity to have him perform for us last year. The students know and love his songs and I’m sure parents and carers will too. We invite you to this wonderful opportunity to hear a brilliant musician and entertainer.

‘I See You Star’ Morning Tea Every Face has a Place at ACC and we continue to embed into the lives of all our students that we know them, that we see them. We want the students to know that we see their kindness, we see them being respectful, we see when they are learners, we see when they make Christ-like decisions and when they make wise and safe choices. To celebrate their hard work and efforts, students are invited to attend an ‘I See You Star’ Morning Tea each week, which is hosted by Mr Parsonage, the Stage Coordinators and Mrs Woods. This is a time to spend quality time with them, thank and congratulate them for their good work.

Below are the students who have been given an ‘I See You Star Award’ and attended the Morning Tea in Week 8 (Term 2):

Luke J M, Adrita G, Grace L, Hinaya K, Jonathan L, Hinaya K, Ava K, Ethan L, Ava K, Hunter A, Anaya J, Moses O, Alicia L, Noah P, Nevaan N, Evelyn L, Shreyas J, Grace Mc, Kate H, Jazmyne G, Dhriti P, Tyler J, Megan E, Denethi L, Siddhant M, Anvitha N, Samuel H, Dhriti P

Happy Holidays We are heading into our last week of Term 2. Our students understand the concept of ‘ending well’. We talk about ending a lesson well or ending a day well, so we encourage them to end the Term well. Every day is precious, and we aim to provide space for our students to create great memories for their love of learning, their love of socialising, and enjoying each other. Ending well means that we can maximise these moments throughout the day. Our mid-year holidays run from Monday 8 July to Friday 26 July. We will see the children back in Winter formal uniform on Monday 29 July (Term 3, Week 1).

Uniform We love our school uniform and teach the children to take pride in their clothing. We ask that all apparel is please labelled. We also ask that the correct uniform is worn and ‘extra’ pieces of clothing outside the Uniform Guide are not. If unsure, please enquire at the Primary Student Hub and an administrator will assist with your questions. A reminder that black leather lace up shoes are required for all year shoe wear. Mary-Jane-style buckled shoes are not permitted. Term 3 continues to be formal winter uniform and winter sports uniform.

On occasions that your child may come home with another child’s piece of clothing, we would be grateful if you could return the item, so they can get back to the relevant family. Our staff are diligent in handing back the different clothing items, and we are thankful for it!

FUN IN 1R Sarah Roberts

1R have been working hard this term, using their creative spirit, clever brains and kind hearts in the classroom and in the playground. We always look forward to our weekly art lessons, where we have learned that we have been made in the image of our great God, the ultimate creator! We have learned about God’s creativity by reading the creation story from the book of Genesis together. We have been developing our own creativity by learning about different textures and how they can be used to produce amazing artworks. The picture book, The Window, by Jeannie Baker, sparked lots of interesting conversations, as we noticed the wonderful way she used things from the world around her to create collage illustrations. 1R have loved using natural and man-made materials in creative ways to produce their collages!

During writing lessons, 1R have been using their clever brains to think about opinions on different topics. We have learned to write persuasively, telling our reader what we think and why they should think that way too. 1R greatly enjoyed reading The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, a story in which each colour crayon writes a letter to their owner, threatening to quit unless they can persuade him to use them differently. We then wrote a letter to our favourite colour crayon to try to persuade them not to quit!

Another highlight this term has been learning how to resolve conflict as a PeaceMaker, rather than a PeaceBreaker or PeaceFaker. We have been practising forgiveness, communicating respectfully and asking teachers for help rather than making our problem worse by blaming others or using unkind words. We are so grateful that we have Jesus as our example of the ultimate PeaceKeeper!


In our 4W LEGO Competition, students had an amazing time building their own creations from scratch, with no instructions at all. They came up with all sorts of imaginative and unique designs, from detailed houses, to futuristic vehicles and everything in between. After they finished their builds, everyone got a chance to present their creations to the class, explaining what inspired them, the challenges they faced, and how they put everything together. The presentations were full of excitement and pride, as each student shared their hard work. It was a fantastic event that highlighted everyone's creativity, problem-solving skills, and the fun of building something entirely their own.


During our recent Showcase event, parents had a chance to work on an activity of their child's choice and the fast finishers had the opportunity to present their work. The photos below were taken after a parent-child joint research/investigation. Using the QuickStat website, they studied the census of their community and came up with a list of proposed establishments for their suburb. It was a lovely time of bonding between parents and children, and the class as a whole. 


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