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Primary School Update - 14 June 2024

Updated: Jun 14


Melanie Woods

Primary Athletics Carnival What a splendid day we had! The venue was state of the art, the day was sparkling and the students were very excited. It was lovely to see all the parents come and join in with us and cheer the children. I do want to thank Mr Parsonage, parent helpers, our Year 10 students and all the staff of ACC who pitched in to make this event a great success and provide great memories for our kids. It was hard to wake some of our kids up when we arrived back at school - they were exhausted and I’m sure they slept well that night! Please enjoy the photos as they tell a thousand words about the day.

Private Music Lessons During School Time

One of the extra-curricular activities that we provide for all our K-12 students is the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. There is so much value in learning a musical instrument. Some of the positives are learning a new skill, enjoying a new craft and the added bonus of being disciplined to practice, which produces great fruit.

Studies in neuroscience show that music can enhance brain function in children. Musical activities, such as playing an instrument, stimulate the brain, and this brain workout leads to improved brain structure with the formation of new neural connections.

Music is so good for our students and we would encourage you to look at the link below (which can be found on the Community Portal). There are many different instruments to learn and lessons are completed on campus during school hours. Please have a look and send an enquiry!

I See You Star Morning Tea Every Face has a Place at ACC and we continue to embed into the lives of all our students that we know them, that we see them. We want the students to know that we see their kindness, we see them being respectful, we see when they are learners, we see when they make Christ-like decisions and when they make wise and safe choices. To celebrate their hard work and efforts, students are invited to attend an ‘I See You Star’ Morning Tea each week, which is hosted by Mr Parsonage, the Stage Coordinators and Mrs Woods. This is a time to spend quality time with them, thank and congratulate them for their good work.

Below are the students who have been given an ‘I See You Star Award’ and attended the Morning Tea in Week 6 and Week 7 (Term 2):’ 

Hunter A, Naomi O, Shreeya A, Amreen K, Emily C, Anna S, Adarsh C, Aurelia A, Nathan O, Simeon K, Noah, Isaac M, Ava A, Aadvik P, Surya K, Archie B, Alicia, Jamie A, Advik A, Malakai A, Hunter A, Hannah M, Lyla-Rae A, Tamiranashe M, Ava C, Levi A, Athena M, Edan D, Aria F, Ananya A, Ibrahim, Alayna C, Aditi A, Geetika O, Adriel A, Oliver M, Arlo E, Ben R, Meeka K, Hunter S, Harley A, Aarav A, Eleazar A, Emmanuel A, Elisabeth A, Krisha P, Curtis C, Aaron B, Jane A, Myah A, Aleesha J.

Family Showcases - save the dates! A reminder for families of our Family Showcases which occur every Term. In Term 2, these are being held in Week 8 (for K-2) and Week 9 (for Years 3-6). This is an opportunity for families to come and enjoy what happens in the classroom. The students have amazing work and would like to showcase and share this with you. The teachers will demonstrate what Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) - one of our ACC signature pedagogies - looks like, and parents will see how this supports our students’ learning in and out of the classroom. 

You will get to enjoy activities such as viewing classroom work, participating in daily routines, maybe competing in a ‘kahoot’, and maybe even learning something new! Please come and immerse yourself into the life of the classroom.

  • K-2 Family Showcase  - Thursday 20 June, 2024 from 1.40 pm - 2:40 pm

  • Years 3-6 Family Showcase - Thursday 27 June, 2024 from 1.40pm - 2:40 pm

More information will be emailed to all our parents soon.

Parent Teacher Interviews On Friday 26 July, we are holding Years K-6 Parent Teacher Interviews. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child's teachers throughout the day. We have found that it can be challenging to accommodate all parents and carers in our previously held night sessions. Therefore, we are trialling this model on the final day of the July School Holidays to provide more availability to meet with your child's teachers. A link will be sent to parents and carers before the end of the term to arrange a booking with your child's teachers.

REPORT FROM 6W Rebekah Wallace

This week, the students of 6W led a captivating Chapel service, centred on the theme of reflection. They delivered a powerful message about the importance of taking time to reflect on our learning outcomes, celebrating our successes, and striving for continuous improvement. Through their thoughtful presentation, the students highlighted how reflection not only embeds learning but also creates the necessary space for growth and progression. The service also emphasised the spiritual aspect of reflection, reminding us to reflect God's love through our actions. This heartfelt message culminated in a beautiful rendition of This Little Light of Mine, which resonated deeply with the audience. The students' performance was a testament to their dedication and understanding of the theme, earning them well-deserved praise.

In addition to their Chapel performance, 6W has been actively engaging in hands-on learning in their Science classes. The students have started creating electrical circuits using light bulbs, batteries, wires, buzzers and timers. Their goal is to make the light bulb shine by successfully connecting the components. This practical project not only reinforces their scientific knowledge but also mirrors the Chapel's theme of making our inner light shine through our actions and efforts. They also enjoyed using the Lumination Lab, where they were able to use the VR simulator and complete tasks for their individual projects, adding an exciting, immersive dimension to their learning.

Congratulations to 6W for their outstanding performance and their innovative scientific endeavours. Keep shining brightly!

WRITING WITH 2G Tess Graham-Chubb

This term, the young minds of 2G have embarked on a journey filled with creativity, innovation and reflective thinking. Our classroom buzzed with excitement as we combined our love for building and writing to create unique projects using LEGO, playdough, and our very own board games. These activities not only allowed us to have fun but also sharpened our writing skills, especially in crafting clear and precise procedural texts.The first part of our adventure involved using LEGO and playdough to bring our imaginative ideas to life. Students were tasked with creating anything their minds could conceive, from towering castles to playful animals. This activity was not just about building, but also about thinking deeply and reflecting on our creative process.  As we worked on our creations, we constantly asked ourselves:

  • What am I building?

  • How can I make it better?

  • What materials do I need?

  • What are the steps to complete my creation?

Once our masterpieces were complete, it was time to translate our building process into written procedures. Writing procedural texts involves clearly explaining the steps someone needs to follow to achieve the same result. This required us to be both reflective and detailed in our descriptions. 

Our next lesson took us into the world of board games. Each student designed their own game, complete with a game board, pieces, and most importantly, a set of rules. This task was a fantastic opportunity to apply our procedural writing skills in a new context. We created games that were fun, fair, and clear in their instructions. Students had to think critically and reflect on the mechanics of their games. 

Throughout these activities, 2G students demonstrated remarkable creativity and the ability to reflect on their work. Writing procedural texts and game rules allowed them to practise clear communication and logical sequencing, essential skills in both writing and everyday life. We are incredibly proud of our hard work and enthusiasm. Enjoy the photos of our amazing work!

KB, KL AND KJ MUSIC Bethany Thomson

Welcome to our musical adventure in Kindergarten! What a fantastic term we have had so far during our Music lessons. Here are some of the fun things we have been discovering this term:

Exploring Solfege Sounds We have been diving into the delightful world of solfege! Our young musicians have been singing beautifully while developing their understanding of the language of music. Students have been busy learning the building blocks of solfege: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Ti. Through interactive learning via the Prodigies syllabus, we've been exploring each note's unique sound and how they fit together to create beautiful melodies. We incorporate hand signs and movement into our solfege lessons to represent each note, reinforcing an understanding of pitch. It is so lovely to hear each child sing the musical scale with the voices God has given them. Every week we spend time in our lesson on solfege, laying the groundwork for future musical learning.

Musical Safari This term we've embarked on an exciting journey through Camille Saint-Saëns' whimsical masterpiece, ‘Carnival of the Animals’. From graceful swans to majestic lions, our students have been captivated by the melodies and creatures that populate this composition.

Each week, we have been introduced to a different animal from the carnival. Through listening activities, informative videos and creative movement, students have immersed themselves in the sights and sounds of the animal kingdom. We have celebrated God and his creativity in making so many wonderful animals. Movement is a key element of our exploration of ‘Carnival of the Animals’. Our Kindergarten students have been using their bodies to express the characteristics of each animal, whether it's fluttering like a graceful bird or stomping like a lumbering elephant. 

As each movement brings to life a different creature from the animal kingdom, so too does it bring into focus different instruments. Students have been introduced to a variety of instruments, such as the piano, flute, clarinet and harmonica. You can continue the musical journey at home by listening to ‘Carnival of the Animals’ together as a family. Encourage your children to share their favourite animals and musical moments from class, and see where their imaginations take them as they invent their own stories and movements inspired by the music.

Glorious Glockenspiels We have continued to learn the magic of a wonderful instrument! Through hands-on exploration and guided instruction, students have been learning about the glockenspiel’s characteristics. Our children have learned how to produce clear, bell-like tones by striking the metal bars with beaters. Some songs we have been learning include Sail Away and In the Waves. We continue to integrate solfege into playing our instruments so we can understand the relationships between notes and develop a strong ear for pitch.

Please enjoy some moments captured from our music lessons this term. We're delighted to see our students' enthusiasm and creativity blossom as they continue to explore the magical world of music!


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